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Publication of Welsh cabinet minutes “shatters taboo”

Today’s publication of the Welsh Cabinet minutes, just 6 weeks after the cabinet meeting took place, was welcomed by the Campaign for Freedom of Information. The Campaign’s director Maurice Frankel said the initiative¬†“shatters the taboo that revealing cabinet proceedings before 30 years have passed will fatally undermine decision-making. The minutes reveal business-like, practical and sometimes mundane discussions and suggest that the traditional secrecy in this area may have more to do with protecting mystique than real secrets or highly sensitive discussions”.

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FOI Bill: Briefing for Lords second reading

Briefing for Peers for the second reading of the Freedom of Information in the House of Lords on 20 April.

Information bill “will still allow cover-ups”

Dangers to public safety and damaging mistakes by ministers could still be suppressed despite new government amendments to the Freedom of Information Bill published today (March 24), according to the Campaign for Freedom of Information.

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FOI Bill Committee Stage : Collected Briefings

Complete set of briefing papers (1-10) on amendments tabled to the Freedom of Information Bill during its Committee Stage. Produced 9 February 2000.

Briefing for Second Reading Debate on FOI Bill

This briefing for MPs and the media was prepared for the second reading of the Freedom of Information Bill in the House of Commons on 7 December 1999.

What’s wrong with the FOI Bill

A version of this article by the Campaign’s director, Maurice Frankel,
appeared in The House Magazine on 6 December 1999.

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Scotland overtakes UK on Freedom of Information

The Scottish cabinet has rejected key elements of Jack Straw’s Freedom of Information (FOI) Bill, in proposals published today.1¬†¬† As a result Scotland will have a significantly better Freedom of Information (FOI) Act than the rest of the UK, according to the Campaign for Freedom of Information.

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Queen’s Speech briefing


23 November 1999

Following the reports of two select committees, the government has made a number of improvements to the draft Freedom of Information (FOI) Bill. However, the bill still suffers from several substantial defects.

This briefing deals with two main concerns:

1. The existence of ‘class exemptions’ which protect all information falling within particular classes, regardless of whether disclosure would cause harm

2. The fact that ministers and authorities – not the Information Commissioner – have the final word on whether information should be disclosed in the public interest
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“Deeply flawed” Freedom of Information Bill must be improved

The government’s Freedom of Information (FOI) proposals are still “deeply flawed and would allow ministers to suppress embarrassing information”, according to the Campaign for Freedom of Information.

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Write to your MP!

Crucial improvements need to be made to the draft FOI bill. This leaflet describes the most important changes needed to guarantee even a basic ‘right to know’. Please contact your MP about the Bill, and encourage others to do the same. Feel free to reproduce and circulate this leaflet.