Fighting for your right to know since 1984

The Campaign for Freedom of Information has been promoting and defending freedom of information in the UK for 38 years.

We played a leading role in persuading the government to introduce the Freedom of Information Act in 2000 and have successfully defended it from restrictions proposed by every government since.

We seek to improve and defend freedom of information in support of a more vibrant and open democracy.

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What we do


We seek to strengthen the FOI Act, improve how it works in practice and prevent attempts to weaken it.


We advise the public about their FOI rights and help to challenge unreasonable refusals to disclose information.


We provide practical training on making effective FOI Act requests and on developments in FOI case law.

Join the fight against official secrecy

We have helped fight off repeated government attempts to sabotage the FOI Act including moves to block access to MPs’ expenses and Whitehall policy discussions. But we can only do this thanks to the support of people like you. Donate today to help us carry on defending freedom of information.


Extending FOI to public sector contractors

A major loophole in the Freedom of Information Act means that it does not generally apply to contractors providing public goods and services. The Campaign has drafted an amendment to the Procurement Bill to ensure that information held by public sector contractors in connection with a contract is automatically subject to the FOI Act. 

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National Security Bill proposals disproportionate and oppressive

The Campaign has highlighted the implications of the National Security Bill for civil organisations who receive some funding from friendly foreign governments for environmental, human rights or similar work. Journalists working for overseas broadcasters would also be at risk. They might commit an offence under the Bill for using leaked information in a way that prejudices the UK’s ‘interests or safety’ – interests which would be defined by the government and are not limited to espionage or terrorism. The maximum sentence would be life imprisonment. 

Strengthening FOI legislation

There are some areas where the Freedom of Information Act needs to be strengthened, in particular to address the serious delays that sometimes occur before public authorities answer requests or carry out internal reviews. We are pressing for tighter time limits in the FOI Act and for the Information Commissioner’s Office to do more to address delays by using its power to serve ‘enforcement notices’ on public authorities with large backlogs of overdue requests. 

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Latest news

Volunteer to help the Campaign!

The Campaign is looking for volunteers to help with FOI research and updating our website – if you’re a WordPress whizz we would love to hear from you! If you are interested in one of these roles, please email us at with a CV and an idea of how much time you might be

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MPs urged to bring social housing providers under FOI

The Campaign for Freedom of Information is urging MPs to support an amendment to the Social Housing (Regulation) Bill to bring social housing providers under the Freedom of Information Act. The amendment is contained in proposed New Clause 6 tabled at the bill’s Commons report stage by the Shadow Housing minster Matthew Pennycook MP and drafted with

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National Security Bill – public interest defence is essential

The National Security Bill has its report stage in the House of Lords on 1 March 2023. The Campaign for Freedom of Information is urging peers to support Amendment 79 to create a public interest defence to charges under the Bill. The amendment has been tabled by Lord Marks of Henley-on-Thames supported by Lord Garnier and Lord

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ICO consultation on prioritisation of access to information complaints

The Campaign for Freedom of Information has responded to the Information Commissioner’s consultation on its proposals for prioritising access to information complaints.  We welcome the ICO’s proposed objective of prioritising complaints that are of significant public interest and its target of prioritising 10-15% of all complaints, while improving the speed with which non-prioritised cases are

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Campaign supports amendments to National Security Bill

The Campaign for Freedom of Information is urging peers to support Amendment 75 tabled by Lord Marks of Henley-on-Thames and Lord Purvis of Tweed to create a public interest defence to the offences under clauses 1 to 5 the National Security Bill. The amendment will be debated during the Bill’s committee stage which started on 19th December

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Campaign urges peers to amend National Security Bill

The Campaign has circulated a briefing to peers in advance of the National Security Bill’s second reading in the House of Lords on 6 December 2022.  The Bill creates a series of widely drafted offences which may be committed by people who are not involved in terrorism, espionage or other activities hostile to the UK.

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