ICO publishes new FOI/EIR guidance

The following guidance has recently been published by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).

Requests for personal data about public authority employees (Version 1.1, 25/10/2012)

The course of justice and inquiries exception (regulation 12(5)(b)) (Version 1, 12/10/2012)

Requests formulated in too general a manner (regulation 12(4)(c)) (Version 1, 11/10/2012)

Freedom of Information legislation and research information: guidance for the higher education sector (Version 3, 04/10/2012)

Determining whether information is held (Version 1, 21/09/2012

How sections 23 and 24 interact (Version 1, 26/09/2012)

Security bodies (Section 23) (Version 1, 10/09/2012 or 09/10/2012)

Safeguarding national security (Section 24) (Version 1, 10/09/2012 or 09/10/2012)

Unfortunately, the ICO does not always stick to a uniform date format. In most of the above publications it has used yyyy/mm/dd but for at least one – the guidance on ‘The course of justice and inquiries exception’ – it switched to yyyy/dd/mm. This means it’s not always possible to determine the exact publication date.

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