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Welcome for Freedom Bill’s FOI changes

The Campaign for Freedom of Information welcomed the changes to the Freedom of Information Act set out in the Protection of Freedoms Bill, published today.

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Access to MPs’ expenses move criticised

The government’s proposals, announced today (Jan 15) to prevent FOI requests being made for MPs’ individual expenses claims have been criticised by the Campaign for Freedom of Information. Instead of allowing requests for spending on individual items, the government is proposing that annual totals should continue to be published, though broken down into more categories than in the past.
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Double blow to freedom of information

The government today delivered a double blow to freedom information. The 4 year delay in implementing the Freedom of Information Act, which the Lord Chancellor announced today was condemned as “totally unjustifiable” by the Campaign for Freedom of Information. The Campaign was also deeply critical of ministers’ decision to refuse to comply with an open government ruling by the Parliamentary Ombudsman, also announced today – the first time this has ever happened since the code’s introduction in 1994.

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