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Network Rail and political differences on the scope of FOI

A short debate by MPs on Tuesday (10 February 2015) was interesting for the differences it revealed between the political parties over the scope of the Freedom of Information Act (FOI).
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Government plans to extend FOI Act “disappointingly modest”

The government’s plans to extend the Freedom of Information Act to just 4 bodies or classes of organisation is “a useful but disappointingly modest result”, according to the Campaign for Freedom of Information.

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Response to the consultation on extending the FOI Act

Response to the Ministry of Justice ‘Freedom of Information Act 2000: Designation of additional public authorities’ consultation paper.

The response welcomes the government’s decision to consider extending the FOI Act to some of the private sector and other bodies which are capable of being designated under section 5 of the Act. It calls for a significant increase in the scope of the Act, matched by an appropriate increase in the funding of the Information Commissioner’s office.