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Welcome for Labour’s promise to extend FOI to contractors

The Campaign for Freedom of Information has welcomed Labour’s commitment to extend the Freedom of Information Act to private companies delivering public services.

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Straw criticised for “totally unjustified attack” on Information Commissioner

The Campaign for Freedom of Information today (May 10) criticised Jack Straw, the Leader of the House of Commons, for what it said was his “totally unjustified” attack on the Information Commissioner, Richard Thomas.

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Double blow to freedom of information

The government today delivered a double blow to freedom information. The 4 year delay in implementing the Freedom of Information Act, which the Lord Chancellor announced today was condemned as “totally unjustifiable” by the Campaign for Freedom of Information. The Campaign was also deeply critical of ministers’ decision to refuse to comply with an open government ruling by the Parliamentary Ombudsman, also announced today – the first time this has ever happened since the code’s introduction in 1994.

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