Response to the Commission on Freedom of Information

The Campaign has published an updated version of its response to the Commission on Freedom of Information, which it has also sent to the Commission. Its original submission contained a survey of Tribunal decisions which at that time was incomplete. The updated version contains the complete survey.

Updated Response to the Commission

The response also had a number of appendices containing the actual material that was disclosed following some of the Tribunal decisions surveyed. These can be downloaded below.

Appendix 1 (Disclosures from EA/2006/0006, DfES & IC & Evening Standard)

Appendix 2 (Disclosures from DEFRA v Information Commissioner and The Badger Trust [2014] UKUT 526 (AAC))

Appendix 3 (Disclosures from EA/2012/0071, Department of Communities and Local Government & Information Commissioner & Nic Posford)

Appendix 4 (Disclosures from EA/2014/0017, Department for Education & Information Commissioner & Richy Thompson on behalf of British Humanist Association)

Appendix 5 (Disclosures from EA/2008/0073, Cabinet Office & Information Commissioner)

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