Campaign responds to Chris Grayling’s FOI comments

The Campaign for Freedom of Information has responded to comments¬†about the Freedom of Information Act made by Chris Grayling, Leader of the House, during Business Questions on 29 October 2015. Mr Grayling said the Act is¬†being “misused” as “a research tool to generate stories for the media, and that is not acceptable”.

The Campaign’s director Maurice Frankel said:

“The FOI Act exists to help hold government to account, improve the public’s understanding of what it does does, to show whether policies are working and identify where public services need to be improved. Journalists are key users of the Act for those purposes and no-one should be surprised if that involves producing ‘stories’. That’s how the public learns what is going on.

Mr Grayling says he’s in favour of people using FOI to understand why and how government takes decisions. But the government has just set up the Commission on FOI to consider measures to restrict access to information about the decision-making process. He should tell them to look at ways of opening the process up instead.”


[1] Mr Grayling’s comments were made in response to a question from the Labour MP Jack Dromey about whether he would agree to an urgent debate on the threat of restrictions to the FOI Act, which are being considered by the Commission on Freedom of Information

[2] Further information on the restrictions being considered by the Commission on Freedom of Information is available here.

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